Mariko Kinoshita – Artist Profile

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The calligrapher, Mariko Kinoshita, known by the pseudonym Shuusui Kinoshita, specializes in traditional calligraphy originating from China and Japan. She began studying this ancient art at the age of six. With her passion growing, Kinoshita enrolled in Daito University, a leader in calligraphy arts studies, to learn sophisticated techniques and train under established masters.

Training under one of the greatest calligraphers in Japan, Kinoshita soon devoted herself to displaying her works at exhibitions across Japan. After honing her skill, Kinoshita was receiving numerous awards for her technical and artistic calligraphy creations.

Kinoshita now plays an important role worldwide in the Asian calligraphy field as a representative female from Japan. In addition to her art, Kinoshita is often sought by companies for title letters. She can be seen giving live performances of her calligraphy art at festivals and recently at the major league baseball season opening. The areas of her creativity are boundless, and her skill and artistic style has even been recognized by magazines in the fashion industry.