PHG - 400

Product Features

Compatible with different sizes of paper towels (Width : 210~230mm, Height : 70~85mm)
Remaining sheets are visually available from the front window
Precision design to dispense one sheet at a time
Tamper proof lock system

Specifications: PHG - 400

Items Details
Name/ Model Paper Towel Dispenser/ PHG-400
Product Code 73807
EAN Code 489 702123 058 7
Capacity Towels can be filled up to 240mm in height
Compatible Paper Roll Size Width: 210~230mm
Depth: 70~85mm
Unit Weight Approx 720g
Unit Dimension W280 x D110 x H284(mm)
Material ABS: Case, Window
Package Contents Instruction Manual x1, Key x1, Pictogram stickers x1, Double sided tapes x2,Screw set (4 Screws, 4 Plugs) x1, Wet sheet for cleaning x1
Outer Carton Dimension W885×D300×H285(mm)
Quantity per Carton 6