TH - 02

Product Features

Intelligent release system for the spare roll can be operated by anyone
Used roll core stays inside the unit for a tidy toilet
Compatible with different sizes of toilet paper rolls (Height : 96~110mm, φ:103~120mm, Coreφ:35~45mm)
Tamper proof lock system

Specifications: TH-02

Items Details
Name/ Model Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser/ TH-02
Capacity 2 rolls
Compatible Paper Roll Size Wide: 96~110mm Diameter: 103~120mm
Core diameter: 35~45mm
Replacement Method Pull lever and the roll will be replaced
Material ABS: Case, Internal mechanical case
Package Contents Instruction Manual x1, Key x1, Pictogram sticker x1,
Screw set x1 (4 Screws, 4 Plugs)
Unit Weight -
Unit Dimension -
Outer Carton Dimension -
Quantity per Carton 6